HSE Pacific, LLC will deliver robust occupational health, safety and environmental programs through excellent consulting services for federal services, heavy construction and general industries.  Our mission is to promote a higher standard of occupational safety and health while creating significant cultural change.  HSE Pacific will deliver technical expertise while introducing effective tools and proven systems to develop a safe working environment and create a culture of safety.  Key services include organizational development, process improvement, hazard identification, risk assessment, and mitigation services.  Benefits can increase productivity, reduce workplace hazards and incidents, limit exposure, reduce absenteeism, train personnel, enhance employee morale, educate employees, engage management, and promote accident preventions, response and containment.


Indoor air quality, chemical exposures, noise, radiation, heat stress, illumination, real time air monitoring, confined space entries, personal and area sampling, emergency response planning, lead exposure, and hazardous agents (pesticides, asbestos).


Fall protection, lock out / tag out, excavations, electrical, hand tools, working / walking surfaces, fire protection, ladders, hoisting and rigging, scaffolding, welding, cutting, personal protective equipment, aerial lifts, and work platforms.


Hazard identification, assessment and management, air emissions, waste sampling, categorization and reporting, waste reduction, environmental protection planning, and reducing carbon footprint.